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Modular Series Triple

Our Large Modular cabinet provides complete flexibility for big groups or busy sites. With space for up to three benchtop cutouts, you can configure your ideal combination of cooktops, sinks, or extra stainless-steel bench space for hygienic food preparation. You can also use areas below empty bench space to store gas bottles or cleaning materials.

Christie Barbecues


We engineered our Modular Series barbecue cabinets to match the strength and durability of brick-in surrounds. Constructed from aluminium, steel, and compressed fibre cement, they can withstand even the harshest environments and demanding users. 

Modular cabinets have set the standard for public outdoor barbecues for 25 years. They offer an economical, flexible, and robust alternative to built-in barbecues. You can choose from single, double, or triple modules and add our high-quality cooktops, sinks, or use the extra preparation space to suit your project. 

Flat-packed for easy site access and to reduce freight costs, they are fast and straightforward to assemble.

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Christie - Modular Series Triple

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