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Finnstown Playground

Finnstown Playground

Dublin, Ireland

Case Studies

Finnstown play area in Lucan is the newest edition to Respond Housings development in the west of Dublin. Timberplay Ireland was delighted to work with the client on the design of a family-led play space for the local community.

A Climbing Structure overlooks the play space, offering a place for children to test their physical strength but also an informal seating and gathering space for parents or teenagers to gather socially. Inside the play area, physical development opportunities are positioned throughout with opportunities to test speed and balance across the Jumping Discs and climb nets and ramps to the Platform House. A Totter Trail is ideal for toddlers to experiment with physical play with steps, inclined walls, bridges and a crawl tunnel to explore.

Imaginative play is also a key theme running through the play area with chances for children to play with sand and around the Platform House and pass the sand up and shoot it back down. Animals and a Big Playing House provide opportunities for children to immerse themselves with imaginative play, maybe they are running a farm or zoo.

A Multi-surface Twin Swing with 1 flat seat and 1 cradle seat allows children of all ages to experience swinging and development as they grow older and work towards the flat seat. A Cradle Nest is also situated at the other end of the play area, ideal for children and adults to swing solo or with friends together as one. A Wobble Dish and Double See-Saw