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Water filled pattern disc

Pattern Disc

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Order number: 10.15100

Richter Spielgeräte


Play Value

By turning this water-filled body around in various directions the flow creates fast or slow moving patterns. The gap between two transparent boards is filled with water containing tiny particles which clearly highlight the patterns. The disc can be easily and gently moved and turned in all three dimensions. The effect of the universal joint mounting is an experience in itself for many. There are four obstacles inside the disc; the liquid flows over or through them. Typical flowing patterns build up in front of obstacles and in the eddy behind them with shapes forming in a symmetrical inward and outward spiral movement. The trapped air bubbles are a further element which demonstrates the effect of opposing forces on a shapeable body.

Recommended For

  • schoolchildren
  • young people
  • adults
  • older people
  • public play areas without supervision, such as playgrounds, parks or similar

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Pattern Disc - Order No: 10.15100

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