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The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place

Tulsa, USA

Case Studies

The Gathering Place Tulsa is a world class riverfront park with unrivalled play facilities. The largest-ever playground in the USA, it was opened to the public in a gigantic and emotionally charged opening ceremony. A total of several hundred pieces of Richter play equipment had been erected on the 27-hectare parkland.


A substantial 100 acres or waterfront has been revitalised and transformed to create a real destination park. With huge play opportunities throughout the site, the incredible Gathering Place represents one of the biggest play developments Richter Spielgeräte has ever been involved in. Developed with the US partner, APE Studio Inc, the Gathering Place features 115 unique pieces of Richter equipment, including many custom designs. The centrepiece of awe-inspiring adventure playground is the Tower Spiral: six uniquely themed towers and a colossal elephant with a tunnel slide trunk. The “Tulsa Towers”, which were specially designed for the project, are 14 metres high and, with their top platform at a height of ten metres, offer a unique view of the surrounding area.

Special features

Another of the special features that inspires the one million local, national and international visitors of all ages in Tulsa every year is the first Richter vertical water playground, an eight-metre tunnel slide, and an almost nine-metres-high wooden elephant, making it twice the size of a real African elephant bull.