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Montpelier Park

Montpelier Park

Dublin, Ireland

Case Studies

An exciting new play area has been created for the local community at Montpelier Park. The space adopts a narrow linear form; therefore, the design for the site encourages a ‘play along the way’ style to gain as much play value as possible from the park.

Depending on which side you enter the play area from, there are either jumping discs or stepping logs for individuals to use to gain momentum by jumping into the play zone. Creating opportunities to test balance and agility skills.

A wobble dish is ideal for younger children to experiment with rocking motions and turning whilst also being a great space to sit. Similarly, a hammock is located next to this, ideal for younger children or disabled users to be lifted onto or for older children to sway, socialise and play on. A toddler’s table with stools allows for social interaction between multiple children and inspires imaginative play through the tea-party-esque design.

A physically challenging Climbing Forest encourages children to test their strength and balance to travel through the rope structure without falling off. The final piece of equipment to complete this play area is a balance beam combination, testing users balancing ability whilst moving across the narrow beams.